Tuesday, April 24, 2007

by: Joy MacDonell, EK Success

Hard, sharp edges are no longer in fashion. Shapes create intrigue in design, and crafters are looking for ways to make their projects more interesting through the use of cutting tools. The launch of the Curvy Cutter and redesign of the Circle Scissor Plus have created a trend toward more creative cropping. Photos are dominating design in sexy, inspiring shapelike ovals, circles and squares with rounded corners.
Decorative edges in borders and photo mats are making a comeback and are easier than ever to cut. Simply slip a decorative shuttle on a paper trimmer to cut a 12x12 paper edge in one clean sweep. Or add a little detail to a paper corner with a decorative punch. Either way, adding some shape will make any design very trendy.
Stop by and see some trendsetting cropping tools and how to use punches, paper trimmers with decorative edges to create outstanding projects.

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