Saturday, April 24, 2010

We'll be open soon!

We're almost ready to open our store! Product has been arriving and we're cleaning all of the display areas so everything will be fresh and new when you come in. Carpet cleaners have been here, and ALL of the chairs in the crop room are cleaned, too.

The Bazzill cardstock has been arranged and is ready. What a gorgeous sight that is! Core'dinations is ready, too, and now we're working on specialty papers. Karren and Leslie have done a fabulous job of organizing all of the cardstock.

The whole team has been working on ordering new products, many things you haven't seen in this market! You'll love them all, I'm sure!

Eileen is working like crazy getting everything into the computer; Sue, Marilyn, Carol and LeAnne are washing THOUSANDS of paper trays. Carol has ordered fabulous stamps and they're starting to come in.

Sue has the job of checking every item in every box to make sure our records are correct. LeAnne is working hard at making some great sample pages from some of our new products, and Carol is doing the same with some of our newest stamps. Wait 'til you see the classes they are already planning! You'll LOVE them!

I've ordered a new telephone system and a new computer system so we can serve you more effectively and more quickly. They should be installed this week, hopefully....

The crop room is newly painted and ALL of the lighting has been cleaned and new lamps put in EVERY fixture.

As you enter the store, you'll be greeted by a lovely seasonal display of all the newest things, and our opening display will be RED, WHITE AND BLUE!!! Our "new" corporate colors celebrate our American flag and remind us of how blessed we are to live in this great country.

Every couple of weeks we'll have a new "feature", and coming soon will be "Bugs 'n Butterflies". We'll also be doing a feature in purple and white, celebrating the Downers Grove North Highschool Band. More about that in another post.

THE BIG QUESTION - - - When Will You Open????? We'll have our "sneak peek" opening just as soon as I get the Occupancy Permit finalized from the Village of Downers Grove. A couple of weeks after that will be our big, fancy "Grand Opening" - that's when we'll have things like cookies and such! But, for those of you who would like to see all the yummy stuff as soon as possible, keep an eye on your email or follow us on FaceBook - we are at Memories and Beyond on that site. THAT is where you'll see the first notice of the date the doors will open!

Check back often, and the moment I have the "OK" from the Village, I'll let you know.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you soon!

Karen Bushy, Owner

Friday, April 9, 2010


We are working hard to get the store open, and we hope to welcome you back to your favorite source for scrapping, card-making and stamping as soon as possible. The walls are painted, the carpeting is cleaned, we've done some re-organizing of the space and we're ordering all kinds of wonderful new products for you to enjoy.
You will remember many of the staff members, and they are helping me to make some great choices as we sort through the many options and offerings that make up our hobby! Whether you are an old hand at scrapping or you've never made a card in your life, YOU will be welcome at MEMORIES AND BEYOND!!
As soon as we have enough stock on hand to make the trip worth your while, we'll be opening the doors to those who are on our email list or a "friend" on our FaceBook page. You can find us on FaceBook at
Memories and Beyond
where you'll find lots of pictures, too!
You've probably figured out that our new corporate colors will be red, white and blue and that gives you a big hint about what our Grand Opening will be like!
Stay tuned and we'll open the doors SOON!!!!
Karen Bushy

We're Working Hard!


We're working hard to get the store ready to open, and I think you're going to love what you see! Staff members you've come to enjoy working with are here, helping me restock the store with a fabulous array of wonderful new things for scrapping, card-making and stamping.
We've painted the walls, cleaned the carpeting and the furniture, reorganized the classroom and made some other changes we think you'll like.
BE SURE to check out our FaceBook page for lots of photos and updates. You can find us at Memories and Beyond.
As you can probably tell, our new "corporate colors" are red, white and blue, and that perhaps will give you a little hint as to the theme of our Grand Opening. But, even before that we'll be having a "soft opening" just as soon as we have enough product in the store to make your visit worthwhile. Our email and FaceBook friends will be the first ones to find out when the doors are open - - - be sure you're signed up for either one (or both!)
Who is this new owner? My name is Karen Bushy, and I've been a customer at M&B for many years. I've been a scrapper since before we called it scrapbooking! I was part of the generation that GLUED or taped pictures into those black-paged albums and then wrote the names in white ink!
I am blessed to be a mother of two married children: My son Jim is married to Suzan and they have a son, Drew. My daughter Nancy is married to David Miller, and they have two little girls, Lauren and Caroline.
I hope you're as eager as I am to have the doors open at Memories & Beyond. I look forward to meeting you!