Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Product from EK Success!

The new Circle Scissor® Plus Cutting Tool, and it's Pink.
Circle Scissor® Plus is one tool that can
CUT and DRAW circles!
It works best if used on glass surface.
It cuts and draws circles up to 6"
The circle range: 1" - 6".
You can creates infinite number of circles, from the thinnest sliver of a cut to one large 6" circle.
You can cuts in both directions. You can draw circles easily with the attachment for pens and pencils. It adjusts to standard pen/pencil sizes. There is a No-touch blade replacement. A swivel handle for one step cutting and a large comfort grip area to hold this tool in place with gripper feet on bottom that prevents slipping.
Come on out this weekend and give it a spin and see how easy circle cutting can be!

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