Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CSI: Have you registered yet?

CSI is coming to Memories & Beyond in a very special way November 15th.
Have you registered yet?
It's a month away!
Register today and become a Deputy Crafter!
Select Memories & Beyond in the drop down box and help solve the conspiracy! By doing this, you will assist in making Memories & Beyond the top precinct in the area.

There are benefits to registering. You will receive updated e-mails from EK Success about the different make-n-takes that will be going on November 15th. There are daily give-a-ways from EK Success you won't want to miss out on. Also, Memories & Beyond will make sure there are enough make-n-takes for everyone registered. The conspiracy is to create together, so plan on joining us Saturday, November 15th.
Memories & Beyond is so special, EK Success is sending their very own crafting gooroo Shane Hershey to demostrate the make-n-takes with you on Saturday, November 15th.

Shane Hershey, SDU Education Manager
Shane is the SDU Education Manager for EK Success. He holds a BA in Counseling from Ohio Christian University and began working in the Craft and Hobby Industry in 2002 as the Director of Retail Operations for a local scrapbook store and internet commerce site. Shane has been scrapbooking since the early 1990's and has enjoyed industry responsibilities that include: independent retail public relations, marketing, buying and a successful implementation of the SDU curriculum in a retail environment. Shane has had many journalistic experiences and has a true passion for capturing memories through writing. He has written for such publications as Scrapbook Retailer Magazine and takes each step in his career as an opportunity to promote the growth of memory preservation.
*all activities while supplies last.
PLEASE forward this message to other friends in the community to tell them about the event at our store!

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