Sunday, January 3, 2010

Memories & Beyond is Closing

After over 5 years in business, Memories & Beyond will be closing its doors on March 15, 2010.
We have no uncertainties, for we have established many beautiful relationships over these years. Some will fade, but most will be with us forever. We are all part of a scrapbooking community and have shared many memories together. We have laughed with many of you and cried with others. We have seen many families grow, with weddings and babies being born, and we have even felt your loss when family members have passed on.
We had many great events at our store from ScrapPink to individual fundraising crops, birthday parties, scrapbook clubs, classes and crop nights. We wish we could have done more.
We had a great run!
When we first opened back the 2004, our boys 7 and 9, both in school full time, gave Alice the time to open a business around her hobby. Now that they are in their teens, we need to focus more on our boys. There are the high school years, school activities, sports, boy scouts and next summer we will be visiting colleges.
You, our valued customers have made us what we are today and we thank you for that! You will be missed.
All that being said, here is what we anticipate will happen in the coming weeks.
Here are some changes that will take place,
Effective Immediately - ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
As of January 4th - everything in the store
25% to 60% off.
Gift Cards - If you have a gift card that needs to be used, we encourage you to use it as soon as possible to allow for the BEST selection of merchandise. If you know someone who may have a gift card, please let them know to us it before March 15th.
Complete Store for Sale - If you or someone you know interested in purchasing the business, please contact the store as soon as possible.
Thank you again for the many years of business
and we look forward to seeing you soon,
Alice & Gary
and our wonderful Staff

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