Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Enveloper & Top Score are now Available!

With the ability to make over 15 different cards and every shape and size box imaginable, this really is a fantastic scoring tool for crafters! All you need to do is decide which size card you wish to make and look at the markings on the scoreboard to determine the line you need. Then take your piece of paper and place it on the board. Using a bone folder or the provided embossing tool, gently score along the desired line.
It's that easy!

Add the finishing touches to your card crations by packaging the in a matching envelopes!
This board can be used to transform any sheet of paper into beautiful envelopes in over 9 different sizes to match all of your standard card sizes and mini envelopes for decoration. Create either standard or 3-dimensional envelopes to cater for embellished cards.
The Enveloper Pro can be used to fol any type of paper into beautiful, unique envelopes in various shapes and sizes, including standard envelope sizes, square, slimline and minis - either standard or dimensional box envelopes.
Both scoreboards are a must have for any crafter card-maker!!!
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