Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Your Scrapbook Pages Can Talk!

Tell me more!!!
- 30 Second record time to capture the perfect message.
- 6mm Thin! just like many embellishments and pop up dots.
- Recessed play and record buttons so pressure from other pages won't accidentally play the message.
- Record disable switch allows you to disable the record feature to protect the special message.
- Slide out battery tray makes changing your batteries simple without removing the recorder from the page.
- Microphone and record button are located on the back of the recorder to keep the front clean and clutter free.
- Acid free paper covering allows you to paint, stamp, ink, or otherwise decorate to complement your project's theme.- Redundant memory keeps the message forever even if the batteries die.
- Long lasting batteries that are inexpensive to replace.- Slightly rounded corners so page protectors won't get holes in them.
- The recorder beeps when recording starts, stops or when the recorder is full- Lifelike playback with 1.5 inch speaker.
- The recorder plays clearly through page protectors.
There are endless possiblities for these great voice recorders from adding music and voices on your scrapbook pages to making beautiful ornamnets come to life for the Christmas tree.
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