Friday, April 9, 2010


We are working hard to get the store open, and we hope to welcome you back to your favorite source for scrapping, card-making and stamping as soon as possible. The walls are painted, the carpeting is cleaned, we've done some re-organizing of the space and we're ordering all kinds of wonderful new products for you to enjoy.
You will remember many of the staff members, and they are helping me to make some great choices as we sort through the many options and offerings that make up our hobby! Whether you are an old hand at scrapping or you've never made a card in your life, YOU will be welcome at MEMORIES AND BEYOND!!
As soon as we have enough stock on hand to make the trip worth your while, we'll be opening the doors to those who are on our email list or a "friend" on our FaceBook page. You can find us on FaceBook at
Memories and Beyond
where you'll find lots of pictures, too!
You've probably figured out that our new corporate colors will be red, white and blue and that gives you a big hint about what our Grand Opening will be like!
Stay tuned and we'll open the doors SOON!!!!
Karen Bushy

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Your Scrapbook Corner said...

Well, guess who is learning how to do this! It seemed like my first post had "disappeared", so I wrote another one and posted it! So, now there are two! Oh, well, I'll figure it all the meantime, eager to meet you all.